Let the choreo commence!

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After being off for two weeks on holiday break, I think everyone was excited and ready to get back to the studio this past week.  The students still seemed to be on a holiday high and I loved how happy they were to tell me special things they received or enjoyed while they were gone.  I didn’t realize I’d been craving their energy and I always find that after any type of break, short or long, I see how much they enrich my life. Anyways, no need to be sappy every blog post 😉

Recital 2017 is officially now underway.  This is always the fun part to me where I feel like classes just literally fly and before we know it, the hour is up and it’s time to switch gears and begin a different one.  I have really tried to challenge myself this year in terms of the choreography for each class.  I make it a goal each year to outdo the previous season and feel that so far, each year has continued to improve in terms of the student quality, but also the maturity and the integrity of the choreography and the show itself.  It’s amazing how I can look at that first year with the Michael Jackson show and I think “Oh my gosh! Why on earth did I put those two movements together? What was I thinking?!” Of course I am always the hardest critic on myself, yet I guess it’s something I can feel proud about that along with the kids even I can continue to grow and improve.

Each year, I tend to focus a bit more energy on a different genre or style at the studio.  The first year it was hip-hop, then tap and last year was jazz.  This year, I decided to give my ballet kids some extra love.  I think it’s an under appreciated style and the kids always assume that it will be slow and boring.  If you ask any of my advanced kids, they will say that they leave my class completely exhausted and it’s anything but easy.  Baby sissone’s across the floor, ladies? 😉 Ballet is getting a revamp! They will be performing to the ever popular: Wizard of Oz, Star Wars, Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory, Pirates of the Caribbean, and my personal favorite: Harry Potter.  It was my wish to break outside my boundaries a bit and so I have decided to create a mini-ballet for any of my ballet students to take part in that will be our “finale” which will also be my personal showcase as well.  It’s the first time I am truly dancing with my students and sharing the stage with them and I couldn’t be more excited.

I’ll be putting the sign-up and rehearsal schedule for my ballet students this week and post the schedule on the Facebook page and at the studio.  I’m hoping everyone can participate as this will be a wonderful experience for all involved! I guess that means that contemporary needs to be featured next year 🙂 Hint, hint! 😉

Countdown to recital: 21 Weeks


Here’s to another great week!

Xo, Miss Katie