Homecoming Parade 2013

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Main Street didn’t know what to think when the girls of Studio B Dance Academy shook their booties down Bradford’s Main Street on Friday, October 4th.  We stopped half of the parade to dance for nearly half an hour to Lady GaGa’s newest smash hit “Applause”.


Students in the upper level jazz, hip-hop, and contemporary classes were given the combination in the first week of classes in September and asked to perfect it for auditions during the third week.  Seven students were selected to perform including Cailie Shanks, Mariah Gow, Erica Marshall, Sophie McCabe, Dylan Giordano, Emilee Bruno, and Morgan Tyger.  These students were selected based on their use of technique and their overall performance quality.


Overall the parade was quite a success and we were glad that the rain had stopped long enough for us to vogue downtown! Since Friday, I have received many compliments on the choreography and the performance.  We were definitely one of the highlights this year!


Big thank you to all of my girls who performed, Lindsay Gianoutsos and Julie VanScoter for helping with makeup and hair, Nancy McCabe and Shandi Whitmore for walking in the parade, Patti Neidich and Robin Pavone for throwing candy, Steve Hopkins for allowing us to borrow the hot Scion, and everyone who came out to support the studio!  Without all of you, this would not have been a success!