More Than Technique

Classes feature Dance History, Terminology, Improvisation, and Choreography

Qualified Instructor

Owner, and Instructor holds a Bachelor of Arts in Dance from the highly-credited Slippery Rock University

Safe and Positive Environment

Supportive, non-competitive community that promotes positive self-talk and body image

Individual Attention

Each student receives special attention throughout class to improve dancing each week

“I hear kids saying, “I can’t wait till next week” or “did you see what I just did that I couldn’t do last year.” I would continue in these classes in a heart beat!”

“I stay at Studio B because I am challenged, it is a supportive environment, and I made not only friends, but a dance family. I don’t think there’s any other studio around here that has a dance family like we do.” – Studio B Student

“The first year I took one class just so I could get to know you. After that year I found that you were a perfect fit for me and you have taught me a lot about dance and improved my dancing skills. I trust your judgement and I trust that you are teaching us to get better.” – Studio B Student

“Extremely talented and a wonderful teacher. Very patient and keeps the kids attention and engaged. High spirited and energetic.” – Studio B Parent

"She came out of class skipping. She loves that class!"

Katherine was ready to leave dance because she was bored. When we heard that you were taking over the studio, I told her to give it one more year and then decide. Now she has a passion for dance and wants to be a dancer. I’m sure that there are others who you have inspired as well. Even if others don’t go on to dance, they will have a deeper appreciation and understanding of dance. I have no clue where Katherine’s passion and dream of being a dancer will take her but I know that she wouldn’t have had it without you. I am forever grateful for the gift of dance that you gave her.”
– Studio B Parent


21 Kennedy Street, Bradford PA 16701

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